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The global energy challenge is massive: how to meet the persistent growth in global energy demand while reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Canadian companies are ready to provide innovative smart & digital solutions for challenges ranging from increasing shares of renewable energy and distributed energy resources, demand-side-management, infrastructure operation and maintenance, and a move towards digitalization and greater customer engagement in the shift away from carbon.

This CTA Canada Technology Accelerator program creates a platform for smart Canadian solutions in Europe’s largest market for energy infrastructure, German utilities and grid operators can explore business partnership and investment opportunities in Canadian companies providing advanced solutions for power grid operation and management.

Canadian Startups

Are you looking for opportunities to scale up your leading-edge digital energy solution? Germany has Europe’s largest economy and ambitious goals to cut emissions and increase renewable energy. This provides opportunities for Canadian tech companies offering digital solutions in clean energy. Through the Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA), a global business-development program, you can gain the knowledge and connections you need to enter this market.

Global Investors

The strong growth opportunities for young companies and startups providing solutions for utilities triggered Canada’s digital community early. The country’s energy sector is a global forerunner in modernising generation, distribution and consumption, creating a vibrant community of digital solutions service providers. Take advantage of Canada’s leadership in smart power grid operation and connect with the world’s most innovative startups.

Global Corporates

Utility and energy corporates are invited to learn about Canada’s approach to modernisation of energy grids, and connect with leading-edge providers in digital solutions for planning, operation and maintenance of the infrastructure.

Smart solutions from Canada

Canada is at the forefront of the smart grid industry. Canadian companies, with innovative solutions that support grid services, detect and prevent losses while maintaining quality and reliability are deploying their systems in domestic and international markets.
Canada’s ongoing efforts to transition to a clean and renewable power supply and upgrade its electricity infrastructure is a significant driver of transmission and distribution (T&D), and smart grid investment. Canada is a smart grid pioneer, and is one of the world’s earliest adopters of smart grid technologies with: More than 50% smart meter penetration, Over 10 GW in distributed generation, 40, 000 Electric Vehicles on the road and almost 1,100 electric vehicle charging stations.

Canada is a world leader in collaborative R & D

There are tremendous opportunities to create partnerships between industry, government, universities, research institutes and testing facilities. Canadian firms are ready to expand their presence by providing the best solutions to the challenging energy problems of the world. Through innovative international programs such as Mission Innovation, our technologies, already hard at work, are helping countries reduce GHG emissions and meet their Paris agreement targets.

Connect with us

The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service is a key resource for anyone interested in doing business with Canada. Our global network of trade offices and dedicated officers are available to connect you with Canadian companies and research organizations. For more information, we encourage you to contact a Canadian Trade Commissioner in your market.

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Innovation Hubs

Smart Grid Innovation Network

SGIN is a collaborative partnership between NB Power, the University of New Brunswick and Siemens Canada to drive and support a smart grid ecosystem for innovation, technology advancement, and research and development.

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The Centre for Urban Energy

The CUE at Ryerson University is an academic-industry partnership that is exploring and developing sustainable solutions to urban energy challenges.

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MaRS Discovery District

MaRS aims to raise awareness, provide support, and connect like-minded organizations pushing the cutting edge of smart grid innovation.

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Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Energy

We offer our partners the full spectrum of energy R&D, education and training and commercialization activities.

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The British Columbia Institute of Technology

Our researchers are committed to pushing the envelope and bringing concepts of sustainability and green initiatives to the forefront.

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Ecofuel Accelerator

The Ecofuel Accelerator is dedicated to help grow clean technology start-ups. Ecofuel was launched by Cycle Capital Management, a Montreal based leader in cleantech venture capital to fill a gap in the financing ecosystem.

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University of Alberta Future Energy Systems

The University of Alberta’s group of energy-related researchers is the largest in Canada—211 energy related professors across 23 departments and 10 faculties, with nine major energy research centres and over $170M in industry and government investment.

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Foresight Cleantech Accelerator Centre

We champion leading edge transformative clean technologies in western Canada. Foresight Cleantech Accelerator Centre is Western Canada’s first clean technology accelerator that fosters the growth of small and medium size businesses (SMEs).

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For startups
Customer and partner acquisition

Canadian Innovation Network supports you in obtaining leads to potential customers and finding suitable investors.

  • Automated and continuous matching to customers and investors
  • Direct contact to many corporates directly via the platform
  • Insight into Open Innovation applications from numerous corporates

For corporates and investors
Innovation scouting and investment cases

Canadian Innovation Network supports you with individual innovation scouting. Get information on products and technologies of startups from the startup state of Canada.

  • Automated and continuous matching to solution providers
  • Direct contact to many startups directly via the platform
  • Insight into funding applications from numerous startups

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